Fragrance: A Very Personal Journey


   So apparently yesterday was International Fragrance Day. I was going to jot down a few fragrances, their notes and simply toss it up as a brief Instagram post. But in writing this, it became lengthy, and I was too invested in the details (as I tend to be about all things I love). What started out as a list of scent descriptions, I realized, I was not doing them justice without including my connection to them. Every perfume smells slightly unique with your body chemistry and always varies from person to person. Fragrance is such a personal thing and each one speaks a different message to me. I have so many fragrances, and my selection varies per day and mood. But these are my all time favorites:

1️⃣ Sabon Zohar: This is one of my faves. It centers me. The moment I sampled this I said, “Alas! THIS is my true default musk. And musk is my favorite perfume note”. It’s a warm, alluring, sweet musk, including notes of osmanthus, sandalwood, vanilla & rose. 

2️⃣ Fresh Hesperides: A sweet take on grapefruit. I usually squint and turn away from citrus scents but this one holds a rare spot in my collection. Fresh, uplifting and this always energizes me. So many notes, but here are a few:  orange, bergamot, lotus, rhubarb and perhaps what lured me in, some hidden musk!  

3️⃣ Philosophy Unconditional Love: When I wear this, I feel like I am wrapped in a big cozy blanket of self-love. Unconditional Love makes me smile and puts me in a positive mood. The love notes here are, black currant, warm florals, vanilla and water lily. 

4️⃣ Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh: This is a great way to start my day. A proper, refreshing sweet floral without crossing the line into cloying candy. This complex cocktail includes raspberry, pear, green notes, litchi, violet, musk and plum. I am often asked what perfume I am wearing on these days.

5️⃣ Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom: After sniffing through the entire line of Jo’s, on multiple occasions, I couldn’t get on board with anything! And then this launched and graced their collection 😍. I recall the moment I inhaled this, my first thought was, “THIS is exactly who I am! If I could define myself in one scent, this would be it”! Quite an impression by this oriental floral. The brilliant yet simple,  uncommon notes are cardamom, mimosa & tonka bean. 

6️⃣ Outremer Oceane: Oceane transports me to back to a specific place and time. Specifically my favorite place, South Beach, Miami. Many years back, I discovered this gem while on a business trip, in the gift shop of my hotel. The sea notes capture perfectly the aroma and spray of sea salt waters that splashed upon my feet that afternoon, while on a quiet, relaxing walk on the beach. Every time I wear this, I am instantly there again. 

7️⃣ Narciso Poudrée: A strong, powdery musk with the elegance of Bulgarian rose and white jasmine to pull you right in. Trust me, you will not smell like a baby wearing this. But more  along the lines of a woman of power, with a silent dominance about her. It is also very easy to feel like this character when sashay-ing through the duty-free beauty isles of an international airport… where I found this delight, LOL! (Flying anywhere for me is euphoric!)

What are some of your favorite scents and fragrances, and where does it take you?!

Much Love,


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